Andrew AA Smith

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Welcome to the website of Andrew AA Smith, a man with a name so common he was forced to add an extra "A" to his initials. Ah life...  

My growing armada of r/c model ships: a scratch-built 1:36 HMS Beagle, a V-32 sailboat and a 1:24 SC&H brig Theresa Marie.

The Fleet

I run an interview website for Japanese musicians and related artists. We've done over 135 interviews so far. Pretty cool huh?

J-Pop World

Future Updates

Foster Dogs


Some of my ponderings about humanism, religion, evolution and such.  

I also volunteer and foster dogs for the Indianapolis Humane Society. Got to love those dogs...

This is the hub for my online projects.  Hope you enjoy them.  You can contact me by message at my Facebook page.