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Archie and Betty

Archie and Betty Pictures

August, 2013.  While we were fostering Triton the shelter got in 5 pups with pneumonia.  One was colored like a Japanese raccoon and another like a possum.  I kind of fell in love with them, and was very heartbroken to learn that three of the pups ended up dying, including my two favorites.

But two pulled through and I very much wanted to foster them.  Archie and Betty came to us at 3.8 and 2.7 pounds.  While a little lethargic at first, they eventually perked up and acted like normal puppies.  Since Theresa left for a ten day work trip to Korea the day after we got them, I had to handle all the normal puppy tasks like baths, nail trims, and lots of poop and pee clean-ups solo.

Archie, being a third larger than his sister, was the more active at first. Betty seemed to perk up more a few days later.  At something like 5 to 6 weeks they were pretty quiet and content pups at first, only whining a couple of times a day for more food or lovin' time.

Since we had Triton I didn't want to worry about any missed pee smells in the kitchen so we did all our daily Safaris to the deck, which the pups loved. Triton proved to be a gentle giant, hovering over them protectively and letting himself be used as a giant chew toy.  Boomer seemed more than happy to let Triton get all their puppy attention.

Archie kept his 1/3 larger size as they grew up.  He liked getting his meds twice a day, while little Betty hated it.  After a week or so the pups decided staying on the deck wasn't for them, so we expanded our romping room to the yard.  It was always a challenge to keep them from trying to crawl under deck.

We had company over each weekend so they could have several people hold them, plus the occasional neighbor kids.  They seemed very socialized so that wasn't a problem.  All in all some very sweet puppies.

After almost three weeks with us they had grown to 7.5 and 4.6 pounds and were ready to go back to the shelter to get spayed/neutered and go on the adoption floor.  Thanks for all the sweet memories little puppies, we’re so glad you pulled through and thrived with us.