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Ash and Magic

Ash and Magic Pictures

February 2016.  Next we fostered first one and then a second German Sheppard pup.  We called the first one Ash since we started fostering him on Ash Wednesday.  He was an adorable puppy with no issues. But as a singleton pup he did need a great deal of attention over the month we fostered him.

Ash experienced the usual baths, nail trimmings and social interaction with lots of people that we try to give all our pups to help build their confidence and skills from an early age.

One adorable feature was how his ears pressed up together into what I called “The Pope Hat”.  Another was how he made a little play den in-between the water jugs in our cupboard in the kitchen.

In addition to our usual weekend visitors we watched Nami for a week so he got to spend a lot of time with another dog other than Boomer.  Nami loved little Ash and they played well together.

We stayed inside for the first week or so until he was big enough to venture out onto the deck.  He loved frolicking on the deck.  Eventually he explored the rest of the backyard and always enjoyed himself.

The only issue we had with Ash was the inexplicable discovery I made one day that my wedding ring had disappeared.  It had never left my finger for even a split second in 25 years and I was beside myself trying to figure out how it could have been lost.

We were able to look at the pictures of myself with Ash and determine that I had lost the ring for at least a full three days before I realized it was gone.  I went through the mother of all searches, looking down every vent, corner and crevice of the house and deck.

More gruesomely, I broke out the rubber gloves and methodically went through all of Ash’s used newspapers that hadn’t yet been taken by the weekly garbage truck hoping to find the ring.  I even bought a metal detector but after five weeks had begun to accept the fact that it was probably gone.

Ash had grown large and confident enough to explore our front and side yards.  At one point though he was able to crawl under the neighbor’s fence and frolic about in their backyard before coming back under.  The little stinker.

Eventually our endearing puppy Ash was ready to go back to the shelter for another person to foster him while we prepared for our vacation in Hawaii.

Once we got back I went to the shelter to get another German Sheppard puppy.  While lifting him out of the backseat of my car, BOOM, there was my ring sitting on the seat next to him.  So our new puppy was promptly dubbed Magic.  Apparently the ring had fallen off when I had taken Ash on a trip to the shelter to get him a booster shot.

Magic also proved to be an endearing puppy.  His only slight issue was some spinning around, which seemed fairly easy to control.

Unfortunately after only a week or so of fostering I pulled my back out.  My car of 23 years also decided to give up the ghost a day before so I had to have the foster coordinator Jennifer at the shelter come and take Magic back for me.

Shortly afterwards Jennifer decided to leave IndyHumane to work at a veterinarian clinic.  She had started as foster coordinator not long after I started fostering and had been a major factor in the exceptional success of the program.  We were all very sad to see her go and will miss all the dedicated work and crazy hours she put in.

So that was the story of Ash and Magic, two adorable puppies that played a part in the most inexplicable incident I have ever experienced.