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June, 2012.  Our next foster was Bo, a two year old hound mix.  According to IndyHumane Bo and his sister Sadie were “super under socialized. The world scares them.”   We weren’t available to foster when they first came in, but I spent four or five long sessions working with Bo and Sadie at the shelter.  Bo was fostered for several weeks by another couple and seemed to have done pretty well, but IndyHumane still wanted him to have more time in foster care while being available for adoption.

Bo was a little too mouthy and mounting with Boomer at first, but responded very well to corrections.  Soon they were running helter skelter around the deck and yard together and getting along pretty well both inside and out.

Bo came already housetrained and wasn’t a big chewer or shedder so he proved to be relatively low maintenance at home.  He did very well in our daily morning runs.  The previous fosters said he had dug under their fence and took off when they first got him, but Bo didn’t seem to try to dig anywhere in our yard or have any intention of running away.

Because he still got shy in new situations, I took him somewhere everyday to get him more exposure to potentially “scary places”.  We went to IndyHumane several times and Bo got much better at walking around with his tail in a happier straight-back position.  He seemed fine with lots of people walking around and kids petting him.  But he really didn’t like other dogs barking at him, sudden noises when he was in his “on guard” state of mind or tall adults reaching over his head to pet him without Bo being given the chance to smell them first.

When he was in his kennel he was said to growl at people walking by -- not the best way to win over the hearts of potential adopters.  So we spent time in a kennel together, plus time at home in his crate to try to get him more at ease with being confined, something he obviously wasn’t used to.

Back home Bo was completely at ease and loved to get petted.  He would stick his nose straight up in the air when you rubbed his head or neck and go into his “happy place” state of mind.  He was very trainable, learning to wait at open doors and got the privilege of going off-leash in our front yard.

Bo had an interview for a possible adoption after we had him for ten days. It went well and he was adopted on the spot.  Bo was a very endearing dog to foster and it was pretty tough letting him go, but we were glad to see him find his much deserved forever home.

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