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Brandy Pictures

July, 2013.  Brandy, a boxer mix, had injured her tail at the shelter.  Our second "happy tail syndrome" foster wasn't the horror of chambers that Dave had been since the injury wasn't as bad and her tail wasn't as long or strong.

She got along with Boomer and was a real cuddle bug from the start.  She woofed down her food so I did separate feedings, since it got a bit old having to supervise Boomer's slow eating style while the other dog hungrily looked on.

One curious aspect to Brandy's behavior was that she would poop every time you took her out.  Looking at her really reminded me of the young lions we use to see at the MGM's exhibit in Vegas.

One day I left my cup of sake unattended and, yup, she took a big swig of it. Who knew a dog named Brandy would like sake.

Since Brandy didn't have any behavioral issues to work on or meds to take it seemed more like dog sitting than fostering.  She loved using us as pillows when we watched TV on the floor and was a very affectionate doggie.  Her only unusual behavior was rubbing along the fence when she was outside as if her sides itched.

After a week Brandy's tail was all healed up and she was able to go back to the shelter to find her forever home.  She found it pretty quickly, as expected.