Foster Dogs


Cowgirl Pictures

December, 2011.  Next we fostered our second tripod dog, an eight year old Shepherd-mix named Cowgirl.  According to IndyHumane: "She was found running loose in farm country surviving on chickens which was not endearing her to the neighborhood farmers."  Her injured back leg had been amputated a week before we started fostering her.

Cowgirl still needed to finish up with her antibiotics for another week before she would be available for adoption.  While her amputation appeared to have gone well, she seemed to have a little more trouble getting around at eight years old than our previous tripod dog, Mr. Rabbit.  So we went for fast walks each morning instead of the usual run, which she seemed happy with.

She was a little barky and wanted to dig in the backyard when I first brought her home, but after a few verbal corrections she quickly learned what she could and couldn’t do.  She’s been completely housetrained and got along well with Boomer. She’s had a good appetite and after figuring out the routine made herself at home.

A rabbit decided to move in under our deck in the backyard while we were fostering, which Cowgirl and Boomer took a great interest in.  On one occasion they chased it around the deck before it escaped in the nick of time.

Like several of our foster dogs, we didn’t feel this dog’s name matched her very well, so for some reason we starting calling her Coco.

After her happy week of r&r she went back to the shelter to find her forever home. She's a sweet old gal who should make an ideal dog for someone looking for a more mature, laid-back doggie.

When we got back from vacation a week later I found that Cowgirl was still up for adoption.  She was now able and eager to go for a real run and was very happy to see me again.  She was adopted a few days later on New Year’s Eve.