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Donny and Marie

Donny and Marie Pictures

March, 2012.  Next we fostered our first brother/sister set of pups.  They were given the unlikely names "Negasi" and "Kassa" by IndyHumane, but we decided to call them Donny and Marie while we had them.  At only 5 weeks old and weighing 8 pounds together, they were by far the youngest and smallest pups we've had.

Their different personalities came out pretty quickly.  Marie, with the blacker ears and white-tipped tail, was the fearless explorer with lots of energy. Donny was a little slower to explore, but still curious and alert.  After a few minutes of play he was content to crawl up in your lap and take a snooze, while Marie still needed several more minutes of active playtime (see picture above).

Since they were so young we kept them confined to their fenced-in puppy room with attached crate, plus daily excursions to the kitchen/laundry room (which have tiled floors for easy cleanup).

We had several family members over to help get them socialized, with of course their "Uncle Boomer" playing the role of the adult dog in the house.

They went through the usual puppy experiences while we had them: getting their nails trimmed, getting their first bath, discovering many different toys...

We had an issue with their stools being a bit too soft, enough to cause me to take them to the shelter’s vet to get tested.  Everything came up ok, and their stool’s got back to normal after I started added some canned pumpkin to their puppy food.  So, yes there is another use for canned pumpkin other than making pumpkin pie.  Who knew?

After a week with us they discovered the incredibly fun game of tipping over their water bowl.  Yea fun!  So off I went to Petsmart to buy a heavy ceramic bowl, the last one they had.  Sadly, it slipped out of its bag in the garage and shattered.  Arg.  So off I went to Petco to buy the heaviest ceramic bowl they had.

Donny decided he liked the new water bowl so much he would sometimes use it for a pillow.  Marie, the more dominant of the two, was also the more needy, and would always go to wherever Donny was sleeping to use him as her pillow.  (That’s the back-story of the picture in bottom left corner.)

They were too young to go outside so they had to do all their business on newspapers.  We went through A LOT of newspapers given to us by family. Thanks everyone!

Because their weight had doubled in the two weeks we had them it was decided they were big enough to get spayed and neutered and go straight to the adoption floor.   We’re going to miss these little pups.  Whenever we hear the Donny and Marie theme song we’ll always think of our version of the lyrics: “She’s a little bitty puppy... And he’s a cute little pouchie dog...”

On the morning I took them back one of the other foster parents was also bringing in two of their siblings, one blond and one black (there were seven in the litter, five blond and two black).  Too cute!

Donny and Marie were of course quickly adopted. Here’s hoping we’ll meet up with them at Mutt Strut or somewhere else one day.  Thanks for the memories sweet little puppies.  We hope we gave you a happy transition to your new lives.