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Elmo and Dorothy

Elmo and Dorothy Pictures

May, 2013.  Next we fostered a pair of timid puppies that had spent their whole lives in a shelter.  Dorothy had a cold so she and her brother Elmo needed to take some meds for two weeks before their spay/neuter day. Dorothy was the more outgoing, always the first to explore, while Elmo was more content to sit in your lap, a pattern we’ve seen in several of our foster pup pairs.

Unlike many of our former pups, these two were in no hurry to escape from wherever they were confined and go explore.  I would sit down in the middle of the room and they would both sit in my lap for several minutes before cautiously moving away a bit.

They were not fans of bath-time, looking pretty pathetic during the whole ordeal.  Because they were so timid I made sure they got held a lot and taken to several different rooms to slowly expand their world.  After a week we started going out onto the deck.  Slowly they began to get more confident and started doing normal puppy exploring and frolicking in each new place I took them to.

We had some high drama over the weekend when Elmo had his foot stepped on while family came over to visit.  After a few days with a slight limp he recovered and was back to normal.

The temperature was mild so we ended up spending a lot of time with the puppies out on the deck over the last week.

They grew quite a bit during the two weeks we had them, with good appetites, but didn’t overeat.  After going back to the shelter they were of course instantly adopted.  It’s good to be adorable.