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George and Martha

George and Martha Pictures

April, 2013.  Kazuo (quickly renamed George) and Martha were two of six wire hair terrier pups that were going to be used for a “Kids Read to Dogs” event and needed a single week of fostering.  After our three month marathon fostering of Zorro it seemed like a good change of pace.

George was the more outgoing, immediately wanting to explore his world despite having been neutered only hours before.  Martha by contrast would make a beeline for your lap and run back to you if anything scared her.

Their toes were encrusted with dried poop so they both got a bath when I brought them home before they were allowed into their playpen. Since they were so young they were confined to that area, daily excursions (safaris!) to the kitchen/laundry room and very brief romps on the carpet.

Like typical puppies they pooped and peed frequently, requiring lots of newspaper to keep their home clean.  The were very vocal puppies, with lots of barking and snarling during playtime with each other.

Theresa read to them every day to prepare them for their “big adventure”. After one week of me not getting to sleep through the night our darling puppies went back to the shelter for their event and adoption floor début.