Foster Dogs


Goldie Pictures

Late August, 2011.  Next we fostered a little Chihuahua named "Goldie" for about a week. He was a bit overwhelmed and nippy at the shelter, but immediately made himself at home with us. He got along well with Boomer, and they actually shared the same bed together. His face reminded me a little of Falkor, the luckdragon from the movie "The Never Ending Story".

He was always friendly and completely controllable with me, but got nippy a few times with my wife. He was our first small foster dog and was able to go under the bed and behind couches.  Good thing he wasn’t a chewer.

Goldie liked to sit on your shoulder if you laid down on the floor, kind of like a pirate’s parrot.  He also had a very funny looking monkey stare when he wanted something.

Goldie got adopted while we were still fostering him. He was a fun little guy to have around.