Foster Dogs


Humbee Pictures

December, 2015.  For Christmas we had a visit from the Ghost of Hummer Dog Past.  A 14 year old corgi mix needed a home while recovering from surgery to remove some lumps and bad teeth and resolve an ownership dispute.  He was amazing similar to our first dog, who lived to be 16, in his looks, behavior and sounds.

We even had a flashback to doing “death checks.”  If you looked at him right after he exhaled while he was sleeping it seemed to take a disturbingly long time before he would breathe in again.

Humbee proved to be housetrained and a very lovable dog.  He enjoyed exploring the backyard and deck and would briefly prance around and play a couple of times a day.  He and Boomer would also play together on occasion. But he mostly slept.

He needed to take medicine for his teeth and post operation, which proved to be no problem with the help of peanut butter.  He also got canned food, so I had to do the usual monitoring while Boomer waited in hopes of getting to clean the bowl.

We never discovered any behavioral issues so it was more like having a nostalgic visit from our first dog than a normal fostering.

Once the ownership dispute was settled we said goodbye to our very endearing visitor.  Happy trails Humbee!  We’ll always have a place for you if you need to come back.