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Larisa Pictures

July, 2013.  Larisa was very scared at the shelter and needed to gain some confidence to make a better adoption interview.  The staff thought she was possibly a Schipperke and Sheltie mix, but I called her "Little Wolf" while we had her.

She made herself at home with us pretty quickly and got along well with Boomer.  Unlike the last few dogs, Larisa really enjoyed playing chase and wrestle with Boom, although always in a puppy-like submissive way.

Larisa peed a couple of times on the floor the first two days so we did crate training.  She ate like she was starving the first few days.  She liked to sit in your lap and was very affectionate.

Our first trips to the shelter went pretty well.  While still scared in some places, she eventually trotted around and took treats from people if they were slow and quiet, which was a big improvement.  She would eventually lay down and watch people come and go no matter where you took her.

She did pretty good on our morning walks, although she was wary of certain barking dogs or fast moving people.

We gave her two baths and I did a couple of major brushings with our Ferminator.  While not thrilled with bath-time, she seemed to enjoy the brushing.

After about a week she got spayed and was put up on the shelter's website while we fostered her.  After ten days with us we went on vacation so a staff member continued to foster her for a few more days before a nice family adopted her.  They reported she was doing well and brought her back to visit the shelter after a few days where she pranced around showing her new confidence.  Way to go Larisa!