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Larry & Curly

Larry & Curly Pictures

October, 2011.  During the month of October we fostered our next set of puppies.  IndyHumane was redoing their small dog and puppy area so they wanted new puppies to get fostered out during the rebuild.  So I showed up to get two new puppies, not knowing what to expect.  Enter Larry (or Bandit as we called him) and Curly.  They had come all the way from Paoli, in southern Indiana.

Unlike Lexus and Mercedes, we decided to let Larry and Curly (who we sometimes called Smokey) have some carpet time.  So they were on a three to four hour cycle.  A couple of hours in the blocked off entrance way, outside to poop and pee, and then an hour on the carpet.  We only had a few pees (and never a poop!) using this system over the course of a month.  It was many a bleary-eyed nightshift outside for me, but very few newspaper or carpet clean-ups.

We had a major parvo scare though after the first week.  They got horrible smelling diarrhea, stopped eating and became lethargic.   Since IndyHumane can’t afford to treat the disease (which Boomer had when he was a pup four years before) I took them to our vet.  What a relief to discover it was only Hook worms.  Yippie!

Next they both got respiratory infections and then Demodectic Mange that needed some medications.  But the whole time they were very active and playful and growing fast.  They had a great month with us, full of doggie-enrichment activities, with lots of toys and nieces coming over to play.  Boomer especially seemed to love these puppies, leading them around like they were his little pack and playing three-way tug-of-war.

During this time they went through some basic puppy learning experiences with us: getting their nails trimmed, taking baths, learning what to bite and what not to bite, learning what they can and can’t jump up on and learning to respect each other’s food bowls.

We had to replace the fan we had wedged next to their cage to corral them in the entrance area with a proper doggie gate.  I came back from a shift at IndyHumane one day and they were at the door, wiggling happily to greet me after knocking the fan over and having apparently thoroughly enjoyed their unsupervised free-time.  

Once they were recovered from their neutering operations, which didn’t seem to faze them at all, they went to the shelter to find their forever homes. It was tough seeing them go.  We’ll miss you both very much.

While they waited to find their forever home (with the unfortunate reality of having the Demodectic Mange treatment sign on their kennel) I took them home every few days so they could get some r&r in our backyard.

After another week or so they both got adopted.  Thanks for the memories sweet little pups!