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Lexus & Mercedes

Lexus &  Mercedes Pictures

February, 2011.  Next we fostered our first puppies, Lexus and Mercedes.  They were both very scared little puppies at first, since they had obviously never been held by people before.  Lexus in particular would easily pee if you tried to just pick her up, so I had to use a hug-and-slowly-pick-up technique.  After awhile they both became more confident, Lexus being very lovey-dovey while Mercedes was more into exploring her world.  Lexus (left above) had black fur on her back.

Boomer seemed to really enjoy being their “Uncle Boomer”.  They would follow him around and often copy what he did, like barking at a neighbor that suddenly appeared on the other side of the fence.

We turned the entrance way of our house into a puppy zone, with newspaper on the tiled floor and the big crate with their bed sticking out into the room.  Even though I took them out every two to three hours, they still pooped and peed on the newspaper sometimes.  Ah, puppies.

They both ended up needing eye surgery, which we sponsored.  This required them to wear big e-collars around their necks for a few days.  Hysterical.  Once they were ready for adoption I brought them back home several times to get some r&r from the shelter during their recovery.  Because of the fear of puppies getting a disease from adult dogs at the shelter, they are not allowed out of their kennels, forcing them to poop and pee in their cages.  Poor pups.

We sadly learned after getting back from vacation that Mercedes had died. It was very heartbreaking for us. We'll always remember you Mercedes. You were a darling puppy that we loved very much.

We took Lexus for another two weeks to make sure she didn't have any problems, before she was finally able to go up for adoption. It was fun to see her growing up into a much more confident Shepard puppy.  She got adopted a few days after she went back. No surprise to us -- she was an absolute sweetie-pie that will bring a lot of joy into someone's home.