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Lovey and Sissy

Lovey and Sissy Pictures

September, 2012.  Next we fostered a pair of sister pups who needed a few weeks before they would be old enough to get spayed.  Lavena and Cecily quickly became “Lovey” Lavena and “Sissy” Cecily to us.  They were adorable, but quickly proved to be two little peeing and pooping machines. Newspapers, newspapers, newspapers.

We did the usual routine with Lovey and Sissy of keeping them in the enclosed entrance area with daily excursions to the kitchen and laundry room.  We clipped their nails, gave them a bath, and had lots of different people over to handle them.  For some reason everyone wants to come visit when we have puppies.  Go figure.

Both pups ended up getting coughs so they had to take some meds with a syringe, which they found to be very yummy.  They were active and healthy puppies, curious about everything and not shy of vocalizing their feelings.

Lovey, the black and white one, loved to jump in your lap, especially if wrestling with her bigger sister was getting too intense.  Sissy looked a bit like a red panda and was very cuddly when being held.

After a few days we expanded our daily safaris to include the deck outside, which they loved running around on.  They were always very excited when Boomer came over to spend time with them, wagging their tails energetically and doing downward dog to entice play.

Lovey soon proved to be a budding escape artist who loved nothing more than to scamper out of wherever you were trying to keep her to go exploring. Sissy tended to follow behind her more bold sister but was always up for some serious wrestling sessions.

After a week and a half and a growing number of 55 gallon trash bags full of used newspaper I finally broke down and started taking them out in the fenced-in backyard for them to do their business.  These are by far the most active pups we’ve had and they absolutely loved frolicking in the backyard with their Uncle Boomer.

Lovey and Sissy went back to the shelter after two and a half weeks with us to get spayed and go on the adoption floor.   It was great fun (and a lot of hard work) watching them grow up and begin exploring their world during that time. Happy tail wagging puppies!