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Mr Rabbit

Mr Rabbit Pictures

August, 2011.  Next we fostered our first "tripod dog", a 10 month old pit bull mix. According to the shelter someone had seen him getting dumped from a car in an alley, apparently because he had a big lump on his leg. He recovered well after the amputation.

He did great during the 11 days we had him, which was about three weeks after his operation. He was already able to go for our morning run and play actively with Boomer. The two of them would play tug-of-war every day for several minutes at a time. He loved cuddling with us and at one point snuggled up on Boomer's bed to sleep next to him.  That was a first for any of our foster dogs.

After spending some time with Mr Rabbit you forgot he was missing a leg.  I often wondered, when he dreamed, did he dream of running with three legs or four?

He went back to the shelter but didn’t get adopted quickly, so I got to take him out each time I volunteered.  That dog loves to play tug-of-war like no other dog I’ve seen.

Eventually someone else started fostering him for awhile to give him a break.  I guess the combination of “three legs” and “pit bull mix” was causing him to take a little longer to find his forever home.  But finally he did find that special someone who adopted him.  Three cheers for the tripod dog!