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Panda and Pepe

Panda and Pepe Pictures

June 2016.  Next we fostered a pair of puppies we decided to name Panda and Pepe le Pew.  Panda and Pepe needed to grow a few weeks before they could go up for adoption.

We were watching Sara so in part we got puppies so she could get her “puppy fix” before going back home.  They went through the usual puppy experiences of baths, nail trimmings and meeting lots of people.

They were pretty explosive eaters so we ended up getting a large puppy food bowl.  Their stools were a bit loose for awhile so we added pumpkin to their diet, which cleared things up.

Because they were so tiny at first we limited our activity time to their puppy den with kitchen/laundry room excursions.  They showed all the normal puppy behaviors you want to see and didn’t seem to have any issues.

Once they got bigger we ventured out to the deck.  After some time getting their bearings sitting in my lap they would venture out and explore.  We had an old hose curled up on the deck that they would eventually bring all the deck toys to and make it their little outside den.

We watched our former foster Shadow while we had them so they got to interact with another dog other than Boomer.  Shadow did well with them, tolerating their puppy behavior and showing an interest in these puppies she didn’t usually do for other dogs.

After a week or so on the deck they decided to venture out into the rest of the yard.  With all our brick planters for berry bushes, compost bins and bags of mulch and topsoil they found lots of little places to play and frolic. With our garden plants and flowers in bloom it made for some very scenic backgrounds.

Typically we’d have about six activity sessions a day, either inside or outside depending on the time and weather.  We had many people visit during the five or so weeks we watched them so they became use to meeting and being handled by different people.

Once they had both pooped and peed I’d let them explore the living room for awhile, but would make sure to get them back in their pen before needing to go potty again.  They gained enough confidence that they would often bolt out of the opening or closing door and take off at full speed down the hallway or around the living room.

At one point Panda made a break for it right after Pepe had and it took me a few minutes to find her happily running around in the computer room.

There was a bit of a weight difference between Panda and Pepe so little Panda would get some alone eating time in the kitchen once a day to make up for Pepe’s fast and furious eating style.  The puppies also had worms that needed to be treated multiple times.

But they both always ate well and showed steady weight gains, going from their combined starting 5.6 pounds to their eventual 6 and 9.7 pounds. Weigh-in time meant me weighing myself with and without the puppies and doing the math.  As usual we kept track of their weight on the board in the kitchen.

Once they were big enough they went back to the shelter to get spayed/neutered and were both quickly adopted.  Thanks for all the fun memories little puppies!