Foster Dogs


Rosie Pictures

October, 2015.  Next we fostered a scared and under-socialized dog that had been picked up as a stray by one of the shelter employees.  I worked with Rosie for several sessions at the shelter before bringing her home. She bonded with Boomer very quickly so I was able to use him to help move her around.

After a few days she started to warm up and trust me enough to go for walks around the neighborhood and take daily trips back to the shelter to help socialize her and get her more comfortable in that environment.

Once she bonded with us she let us know she loved to get petted.  She also loved to do zoomies with Boomer outside and run around the deck. She liked being outside and for the first week you had to leash her up to get her to come back in.

We did our normal crate training and frequent potty breaks outside, but for the most part let her have full reign of the house.  She didn’t appear to have any destructive or bad habits and seemed very at home after ten days with us.

She returned to the shelter while we went on vacation during which she got spayed and was put on the floor for adoption.  Once we go back I went to see her almost every day for the next two weeks until she was finally adopted.  We’ll miss our cuddly Bat Girl with the beautiful ears and adorable prancing frolic.