Foster Dogs


Roslyn Pictures

October 2016.  Next we foster a shy pitty who had developed “happy tail syndrome” at the shelter.  They decided to amputate most of her tail so she stayed with us to recover and work on some confidence building.

Roslyn was pretty timid the first few days, requiring the use of the leash to get her in and out.  She slept in her crate overnight and slowly started to feel at home.

After about three days she decided she wanted to be a snuggle bug after all and would happily lay her head on top of you on the floor wanting to be petted.  She got along well with Boomer and didn’t seem to have any issues in or out of the house.

She did want to chase squirrels though so she needed to be kept on a fairly short leash and immediately distracted when one was nearby.

After three days we let her stay out of her crate overnight, which seemed to be fine.  She made a few attempts to jump up on the bed and couches but was not too persistent.

The next time we left her alone we crated her, but I only locked the top lock for some reason.  When we came home she was there to greet us, having opened the crate door.  The next time we made sure both were closed.  She had moved the crate around and left a lot of slobber trying to get out, so we had to start crate training a few sessions each day.

She ended up pulling out the stitches on her tail, so she got a bandage put on in the hopes she would leave it alone to heal properly.

After a few weeks with us her tail healed up and a potential adopter decided to take over the fostering after an initial meet-and-greet with her dog went well.    Rosyln proved to be a good match and found her forever home.