Foster Dogs


Summer Pictures

March, 2013.  Within days of Zorro being adopted we started fostering a 21 pound Manchester terrier mix named Summer.  She had been running wild outside another shelter for sometime before someone was able to catch her using pizza.  Yup, pizza.

Summer’s back right leg was a bit twisted, causing her to poop and pee with that leg sticking forward, like a crazy gymnast.   She still ran and jumped and showed no other sign of it bothering her.

Her main issue was that she would growl at people passing in front of her cage at the shelter.  Since that’s obviously not something you want to become a habit, she was sent to foster to stop it and make sure that was the only issue.

She bonded with me pretty quick, and after briefly growling at Theresa, bonded with her after they spent some alone time together.  She loved to sit on your chest and lick your face.  Fortunately she had good breath.

After having Summer for four days Zorro, our previous foster, was returned by their new owners because of his unexpected case of severe separation anxiety.  So our house was suddenly filled with dogs of all sizes and shapes.

Zorro initially took a “special interest” in little Summer, following her around as if he wanted to mount.  As soon as she started looking at all uncomfortable Boomer (faster than me) charged in to intervene.  Such a gallant dog we have.

After a few play sessions Zorro and Summer figured out how best to play with each other.  It was highly amusing to watch the gentle giant Zorro wrestle and frolic with spunky terrier Summer.

Summer did pretty well visiting the shelter with Zorro.  She would stop growling if you told her to, and she quickly began to take treats from the volunteers.

After six weeks with us Summer went back to the shelter while we went on vacation.  She got lots of extra attention from some of the regular volunteers and got adopted a few days in.  Her new owner reported she was doing very well in her new home.  Good for you Summer!