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Tyson Pictures

August, 2015.  While Theresa left for Sao Paulo, Brazil for a week, I started fostering Tyson.  He needed to finish growing back some lost fur and gain some confidence meeting new people and going to new places.

Tyson would show affectionate behavior in familiar places with familiar people, but would be very hesitant in new situations.  He had spent enough time in parts of the shelter that he would happily walk around on a leash, but refused to budge past a certain point.  So I had to literally carry him out to the car to bring him home.

He grew accustomed to our home and backyard, but it took several days and many attempts to coax him into going for a walk.  The goal of each session was basically to get him to go farther than the previous outing.

After four days, while lying on the floor petting Tyson, Boomer decided to come lay on my chest.  Tyson charged and knocked Boomer back.  I immediately grabbed him and made him lay down on his side and made both the dogs calm down.  After that we did several sessions of both dogs getting petted at the same time while I switched my primary attention from one to the other.

Once he had settled in the only real issue was getting him into his crate. When he saw he was supposed to go in he would jump up on the couch and wag his tail nervously.  If you tried to pick him up or make him come down he would pee.  After a few attempts I figured out the trick was to first take him outside, then leash him up at the door and lead him to his crate, which he would happily go into.

Eventually his fur and his confidence had grown enough to return him to the shelter to look for his forever home.  I continued to work with him for the next two weeks until he was adopted.  Way to go Tyson.